Conference EUROBANKING 2015

Conference EUROBANKING 2015 was hold in Prague and Mladá Boleslav from 31st May to 1st June 2015 and was partly hosted by CRIF Czech Credit Bureau. Mr. Pavel Finger from CRIF-Czech Credit Bureau is a member of the Board of Eurobanking and was the Chairmen of the Conference.

​More than 40 participants from many European banks and financial institutions appreciated 25 interesting presentations focused on future of banking activities and specific banking services. Mr. Radek Soukup from CRIF Credit Solutions held the presentation “Behavioral and regulatory rating and scoring systems: Models, processes and case studies“.

The conference was opened by Secretary General of Eurobanking Mr. Sebastiaan van Westerop and the program started with Plenary session with these lecturers:

  • Vladimír Dlouhý (president ICC CZ, president Czech Economic Chamber)- Czech economy in 2015-2016:Macroeconomic view
  • Pavel Štěpánek (Director of Czech Banking Association) -  Situation in the Czech banking industry
  • Prof. Michal Mejstřík (IES, Charles University) - World banking
  • Lubomír  Lízal (member of the Bank Board of the Czech National Bank)- Monetary policy of CNB 
  • Jan Mühlfeit (Global Strategist, Coach and Mentor) - Unlock Human Potential in Banking

Two interesting workshops focused on banking future (when Mr. Finger was the leader of discussion) and credit risk (when Mr. Pavel Ramert from CRIF Credit Solution was the leader of the discussion) were hold during the conference.

All participants of EUROBANKING conference 2015 welcomed the possibility to exchange their experience and open discussion about   the banking future during the whole conference.