Czech municipalities' per capita revenue grows in 2013

Czech municipalities' per capita revenues were falling in recent years but last year they returned to a growth, according to data of the company CRIF.

​They reached an average Kc23,261 in 2010 and Kc20,861 in 2013.

Per capita expenditures of municipalities showed a similar development. They were falling from 2010 to 2012,  and last year they grew modestly. Municipalities spent an average Kc23,411 per person in 2010, and last year it was Kc19,404 on average.

As for per capita debt, municipalities in the Liberecky region in the north of Bohemia recorded the highest amount of nearly Kc10,000 in 2013. They had been cutting their debts in recent four years but still the figure is the highest in the country.

On the other hand, debts of municipalities in the Moravskoslezsky region in the north of Moravia have been rising.

Per capita debt of municipalities in all Czech regions amounted to Kc6,239 last year, against some Kc6,000 in 2010.

Over the past four years, the regions' average fell below Kc6,000 in 2011 only.

Municipalities got an average Kc860 to Kc970 per capita in real estate tax revenues in the past few years, CRIF's data have shown.

The biggest per capita amount of Kc1,138 was obtained by municipalities in the Stredocesky region in the centre of Bohemia last year, and the lowest sum of Kc786 per person went to the Moravskoslezsky region.

Real estate tax is a 100 percent revenue for a municipality in whose cadastre the property is situated.

Seven out of 13 regions registered per capita real estate tax revenue higher than Kc1,000 in 2013.

Municipalities in the Jihocesky and Kralovehradecky regions in southern and eastern Bohemia, respectively, got more than Kc1,000 in per capita revenue for the past four consecutive years.

The Stredocesky region is the most populated region with the highest number of municipalities in the country.

It is the only region whose population increased between 2010 and 2012. The growth reached 1 percent.

The Karlovarsky region is the smallest by both population and municipalities.

Municipalities' per capita revenue by regions (in Kc)

Source: CRIF


Municipalities' per capita debt by regions (in Kc)

Source: CRIF


Source: ČTK, 24. 8. 2014, Section ČTK: cce bns, Author: vr