Number of Czech firms going bust grows by 36 to 1,379 in 2013

The number of companies declared bankrupt grew by 36 year-on-year to 1,379 in the Czech Republic last year, while the number of self-employed people going bust rose by 2,049 to 4,417, a study drawn up by company CRIF has shown.

​A total of 80 percent of bankruptcies resulted into debt relief in 2013.

Despite a record-high number of corporate bankruptcy petitions lodged in December, the number of the petitions dropped by 63 compared with 2012 to 4,538 last year.

The number of bankruptcy petitions filed by the self-employed increased by 2,865 year-on-year to 6,878 last year.

The number of bankruptcies decreased in six regions of the Czech Republic last year. The fastest fall (20 percent) was recorded in the Ustecky region in northern Bohemia. On the other hand, the number of bankruptcies showed the fastest growth (48 percent) in the Liberecky region in northern Bohemia.

The highest number of self-employed people declared bankrupt (685) was recorded in the Moravskoslezsky region, northern Moravia, last year, followed by the Plzensky region, western Bohemia, and Ustecky region (526).

On the other hand, the number of bankruptcies of the self-employed was the lowest in the Jihomoravsky region in southern Moravia (77) and in the capital city Prague (90).

The number of bankruptcies grew the fastest in the Karlovarsky and Plzensky regions in western Bohemia, while the slowest increase was recorded in the Moravskoslezsky and Olomoucky regions in northern Moravia.

In December alone, a total of 89 companies were declared bankrupt, which was 41 fewer than in the previous month. The number of bankruptcies of self-employed people rose by six month-on-month to 426 in December.

A total of 568 business bankruptcy petitions were lodged in December, which is 169 more than in November and the highest monthly number since January 2008.

In contrast, the number of self-employed bankruptcy petitions dropped by 97 month-on-month to 644 in December.

Number of declared bankruptcies:

Source: CRIF – Czech Credit Bureau

Source: CTK, 6. 1. 2014, Section CTK: cce bns, Author: kou/er