Czech Republic: CRIF launches new online personal solutions for consumers

CRIF in collaboration with the Banking (BRKI) and Non-Banking Client Information Registers (NRKI) have launched personal solutions for Czech consumers ( This unique portal gives registered users secure, convenient and easy online access to their credit reports listing their up-to-date financial commitments.

“The main reason for introducing this online service was to provide consumers with an updated overview of their financial obligations at any time. With the register data, consumers can take advantage of positive credit information, keep their money under control, and manage it responsibly. Thanks to online access to their credit report, everyone can have a detailed overview of their financial commitments and current phase of repayment. In this way, consumers can easily check how banks would assess a loan application,” explained Romana Knyblová, Project Manager at CRIF – Czech Credit Bureau. The project is supported by banks, building societies, leasing and installment credit providers, and factoring institutions that use the banking and non-banking registers.
Secure, easy and convenient

Up to now, consumers have been able to request their credit reports by mail, e-mail with electronic signature, or in person at the BRKI and NRKI customer centers. However, with, anyone can access their report from their home or office. After logging into the portal, users can buy their credit report from the banking or non-banking registers.

No more complicated calculations

“These days, you can apply for various loans from banks as well as non-banking institutions, and it is very easy to forget about some of your financial commitments. You can easily calculate how much you earn, but making sense of all your current commitments from credit cards to bills can be more difficult than it seems. This is why credit reports exist – they solve the problem for us,” explained Zuzana Pečená, Executive Director of CBCB – Czech Banking Credit Bureau, a.s. Credit reports are useful for consumers as well as for lenders to assess creditworthiness and eliminate the risk of over-borrowing.

Why the project was launched

“A socio-demographic market survey carried out in the Czech Republic revealed that for up to 95% of respondents, online access to credit reports is an attractive alternative to the currently available distribution channels.,” . Two thirds of the Czech households have an Internet connection. For this reason, we decided to simplify access to credit reports for this large group of people by providing 24/7 access to the portal” added Romana Knyblová.

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