No.of personal bankruptcies grows by 111 to 1,747 at end-Oct

​As many as 1,747 personal bankruptcies were declared in October, a rise of 111 from September and the biggest monthly growth since January 2008, said an analysis of CRIF - Czech Credit Bureau.

​A total of 18,744 personal bankruptcies were declared over the past 12 months, 2,444 more compared with the previous period. The annual growth rate of 15 percent is much slower than in the past few years.

There were 2,484 personal bankruptcy petitions filed in October, up 541 on the month and the highest monthly amount of proposals since January 2008. A total of 25,538 petitions were lodged in the past 12 months, a rise of 2,411 from the previous period. The annual hike reached one tenth.

In the 12-month period, 1,562 personal bankruptcies were declared a month on average and 2,128 petitions were filed.

The Jihomoravsky and Stredocesky regions reported the highest amount of personal bankruptcies in October, 220 and 213, respectively.

The lowest amount of 64 bankruptcies was seen for both the Vysocina and Liberecky regions.

Over the past 12 months, the Stredocesky and Ustecky regions ranked first by personal bankruptcies, 2,423 and 2,358, respectively, and the Vysocina and Liberecky regions occupied the last position, with 544 and 818 bankruptcies, respectively.

Personal bankruptcies

Source: CRIF - Czech Credit Bureau

Source: CTK, 5. 11. 2013, Section CTK: cce bns, Author: vr