No. of personal bankruptcies in CR in 2012 highest in four years

As many as 16,956 personal bankruptcies were declared in the Czech Republic last year, an annual hike of 46 percent and the highest amount since 2008 when the new insolvency law took effect, said an analysis of the company CCB - Czech Credit Bureau.
A total of 1,296 personal bankruptcies were declared in December, 269 fewer on the month but 221 more on the year.
CCB registered 1,872 personal bankruptcy petitions in December, a drop of 420 compared with November, but a rise of 180 from December 2011.
Karlovarsky region registered almost 41 bankruptcies per 10,000 inhabitants last year, the highest number, followed by Kralovehradecky region with 25.6 bankruptcies per 10,000 inhabitants.
The capital city of Prague reported an annual rise of 81 percent but still Prague occupied the first position with six bankruptcies per 10,000 inhabitants.
"Economy will not expand this year, real wages are also unlikely to grow and the number of job seekers will increase,"CCB analyst Vera Kamenickova said. As a result the amount of people unable to repay their debts will be rising.

 Source: CCB - Czech Credit Bureau

Zpravodajství ČTK, 2. 1. 2013, Section ČTK: cce bns, Author: v