CRIF’s Consumer Loan Origination Systems Recognized as Global All-Around “Best-in-Class” Solution

CRIF, a global credit reporting and decision management solution provider whose customers include more than 1,900 banks and financial institutions worldwide, was named a “best-in-class” provider in all categories of the “Loan Origination Systems” independent research assessment published by CEB TowerGroup.

​The CRIF Credit Framework, which is marketed as CRIF Synergy in North America, was assessed “best-in-class” in Sales & Application, Loan Decisioning , Loan Processing and Enterprise Support, allowing financial institutions to be more productive, cut costs, make more accurate decisions  and be compliance-ready, as illustrated by a CRIF customer case study that was showcased in the report.  According to the CEB TowerGroup report, which was published in October, “the CRIF Credit Framework offers one of the widest range of features and capabilities of any solution featured in this report, enabling the solution to stand out as a best-in-class solution in all four categories of our diagnostic anatomy.”

“From Asia, Europe,  Middle East and Africa to North America and Latin America, today’s lenders are faced with different economic challenges, yet common goals to intelligently manage credit risk and streamline processes affected by regulatory burdens. Viewing loan origination systems as a competitive advantage, lenders are increasing their investment and the value they place on such technologies, ” said Craig Focardi, Senior Research Director at CEB TowerGroup. ““Vendors, like CRIF, that provide modular, flexible and localizable loan origination systems will allow financial institutions in any of these markets to strategically respond to their business challenges.”

"We are very proud to be included in this assessment and consider it an honor to be acknowledged as a best-in-class solution provider by a well-respected financial servicesresearch and advisory firm like CEB TowerGroup,” commented CRIF CEO, Carlo Gherardi. “This recognition is a testament to CRIF’s innovation in the development of unique loan origination systems that can be deployed as individual components or a full end-to-end system, thus allowing us to better serve our clients and help bolster their success in a changing marketplace.”

The CRIF Credit Framework and CRIF Synergy are comprised of a suite of lending and decision management technology components that work together seamlessly to offer a highly configurable lending system, delivering control, flexibility and time to market to financial institutions around the globe.