Two thirds of firms in CzechRep have no female top managers-press

​Almost two thirds of the 370,000 firms operating in the Czech Republic do not have any woman on their statutory bodies, according to that reacts to the European Commission's effort to set quotas on women's representation in company managements, daily Pravo writes today.

​It writes that only 27 percent of big firms have at least 40 percent of women on their statutory bodies.

"It ensues from statistics that the biggest turnovers are reached by firms with a mixed management in which the male and female views of the firm's management probably optimally complement one another," Pravo quotes Vera Kamenickova, head of the CRIF - Czech Credit Bureau analytical department, as saying.

She said women in the Czech Republic have adequate education for top managerial posts. They constitute a half of university graduates, Kamenickova said.

The best situation in terms of a balanced proportion between women and men on statutory bodies is in cooperatives. More than one third of them have at least 40 percent of women in top managerial posts, Pravo writes.

The situation in joint-stock companies is also relatively good. More than three quarters of them have both sexes represented on statutory bodies and almost one third of them have a minimally 40 percent representation of women, Pravo writes.

On the other hand, more than 70 percent of limited (liability) companies are purely "male" ones.

Firms with exclusively female statutory bodies are rather small ones. A mere 7 percent managed by women only have a yearly turnout over 10 million crowns, Pravo writes.

Firms with exclusively female statutory bodies only constitute 14 percent of business companies. They operate most often in accommodation and catering (16 percent), real estate business (16 percent) and retail (15 percent), Pravo writes.

Women's representation is lowest in construction where almost 80 percent of firms have exclusively male statutory bodies, Pravo writes.

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