Number of personal bankruptcies down by 15 to 1660 in May

A total of 1,660 personal bankruptcies were declared in the Czech Republic in May, 15 fewer than in April, but year on year their number increased by 30 percent, according to an analysis of company CRIF - Czech Credit Bureau.

The number of proposals for personal bankruptcy dropped by 83 against the previous month to 2,271.

The highest number of personal bankruptcies was declared in regions Ustecky (264) and Stredocesky (210) and the lowest in regions Vysocina (40) and Pardubicky (71).

The highest growth was in region Pardubicky (+109 percent) and in Prague (+54 percent). The number of personal bankruptcies grew only a bit in regions Plzensky (+2 percent) and Moravskoslezsky (+3 percent).

There were 17.3 bankruptcies per 10,000 inhabitants in the last twelve months, compared with 13.3 bankruptcies a year earlier.

Despite the comparatively fast growth dynamics, Prague still keeps the lowest number of bankruptcies per 10,000 inhabitants (7) and region Karlovarsky keeps the highest number (38.5) for a longer time. 

Month No. of personal bankruptcies

Source: CRIF - Czech Credit Bureau

Zpravodajství CTK, 4. 6. 2013, Section CTK: cce bns, Author: fs