Cribis Enters the World of Mobile Applications

Starting this October, the Czech version of the Cribis international business information platform will also be available as a native mobile application for smartphones.
Information on Czech companies will be the first to become available to users directly on their mobile phones, both in Czech and English language versions. 

Cribis Mobile gives its users a quick and comprehensive overview of information about their clients or business partners through an application developed for devices running the iOS operating system (iPhone, iPad, iPod). The service provides easy-to-read financial information on the given entity in a simplified, yet fully representative form, including regular monitoring of selected companies using pre-defined functions. Owners of the Apple devices listed above will be able to obtain the information they need to manage their relationship with companies at any time, even when travelling or during meetings.  

There are also additional assessment tools telling you more about the financial health of the company or group in question, such as Semafor Cribis and the CCB Index. Both indicators clearly and unambiguously inform the mobile application user about the financial status of a company, and may be the very first definitive piece of information influencing the form of the relationship with business partners. Other standard financial information is conveniently displayed in tables and charts, which can be converted into a number of world currencies. The application also provides simplified company ownership diagrams, including an assessment of financially-related groups.

Once the pilot run of Czech Cribis has been evaluated, the application will not only be expanded to include Slovak company data, but will also become available on other major smartphone or tablet platforms.

The iPhone application is available in the App Store. For more information on the Cribis Mobile, visit