Home Credit uses Portfolio LAB

The Czech Non-banking Credit Bureau started offering Portfolio LAB Alert and Summary services to Home Credit (www.homecredit.cz) in September. Home Credit a.s. is one of the leading providers of consumer finance in the Czech Republic.
Home Credit is a “newcomer” to the use of portfolio services, however, it is working on strategies aimed at obtaining as much information as possible from the data. In particular, its objectives are active limit management for existing clients to promote responsible lending and timely recognition of the danger of over-indebtedness. Information from Portfolio LAB Summary and Alert are used to optimize processes and client segmentation. “The portfolio service enables the segmentation of clients and to subsequently offer them the best product in terms of the amount and conditions to suit their needs and financial capacity,” says Lukáš Civín, Chief Risk Officer of Home Credit, on the use of Portfolio LAB services.
Home Credit a.s. was established in 1997 and offers a wide range of credit products. In the first half of 2011, the company granted loans amounting to CZK 4.2 billion. Home Credit a.s. is a member of the Home Credit Group. It has been a user of the Non-banking Credit Bureau since 2010.