The Czech businesswoman award competition marks its third year

Today, the founding companies Mazars and Agentura Helas officially opened the third annual CZECH BUSINESSWOMAN AWARD – OCP competition and introduced the new features of this year’s competition. This year, Czech businesswomen are competing in three categories, “A Czech Woman Founding, Owning and Running A Company”, “The GE Money Bank Award – Extraordinary Businesswoman”, and for the first time in the competition’s history also the “Extraordinary Growth of a Company” category.
​“We are interested in women’s life philosophies and managerial and business methods that helped them to be successful. We would like to express our recognition and take their example to encourage all women, whether active or those gathering the courage and strength for their first or new projects,” say the project founders, Jana Švenková and Helena Kohoutová. 

The GE Money Bank General Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Peter Herbert, a member of the jury and representative of the competition’s general partner, explains the bank’s role in the project: “We are pleased to be the general partner and participate in The Czech Businesswoman Award – OCP competition. This highly prestigious competition encourages women’s entrepreneurial spirit by creating more opportunities and contributing to the economic development of the Czech Republic. The above goals are closely related to GE Money Bank’s objectives and I am very happy to personally support them.“

Provided by CCB – Czech Credit Bureau, statistics show that today, women in the Czech Republic are the sole owners of about 4 percent of all businesses. On average, these are usually smaller companies of up to 20 employees and with a turnover of up to CZK 10 million, more often involved in trade and services than, for example, engineering or construction.

“Businesswomen do not hunt for the best economic results; the heart plays a much bigger part in their business than an accountant’s cold calculations. In addition, they usually do not carelessly slide into debt and take risks beyond a sensible limit,“ says Pavel Finger, a member of the CCB – Czech Credit Bureau Board of Directors, describing the statistics.

Only a person meeting the following three basic criteria can enter the competition: the woman must be a Czech citizen, a 100% owner of a company, and her company must have been established by 1 January, 2006 at the latest. A Czech woman can be nominated for the competition based on financial analysis of publicly accessible data of all companies within the Czech Republic (owned 100% by a woman and exceeding 10 employees) processed by the prestigious CCB-Czech Credit Bureau, a.s., a business rating and scoring specialist. The winner of previous years cannot enter the competition within 3 years of winning (for example: the 2008 winner can apply again in 2011 at the earliest).

This year for the first time, a Czech woman can also enter the competition based on her own initiative (e.g. upon seeing the competition advertised in the media). The application form is available on the website  Her company must meet the required criteria and in addition, she must provide financial reports for the past four full years, which will form an appendix to the registration.  This data will be further analyzed as part of the competition.  Applications must be filed by 8 September, 12pm. 

“The first round of suitable candidates produced 8,878 potential candidates, i.e. Czech women owning 100% of a company prior to 1 January, 2006.  This number is lower than last year by about 2,500 mainly due to a more accurate selection method, developed based on experience gained last year. Following another selection based on fulfilling the criteria of existing financial statements and a minimum of 10 employees, 213 suitable candidates were chosen, which is 10 women less than last year. The result of a similar final number taken from a substantially smaller base probably illustrates the growth in employees and also a higher level of transparency (submission of financial statements) of companies owned by women, which is wonderful!“, says Pavel Finger, a member of the CCB – Czech Credit Bureau Board of Directors. 

The following categories will be judged within the competition: 

In the first category “A Czech Woman Founding, Owning and Running a Company“, the first to third places will be awarded in the subcategories of a small business (10 – 24 employees), a medium size business (25 – 99 employees) and a large company (100 employees and more).

The second category “The GE Money Bank Award – Extraordinary Businesswoman” will be evaluated regardless of the number of employees. 

One award will be granted.

GE Money Bank, the competition’s general partner, is the award presenter. 

The third category “Extraordinary Growth of a Company” is new; it evaluates the extraordinary growth of a company’s activities within the past three monitored years, irrespective of the category in which the company is in. MasterCard, the competition’s main partner, is the presenter of this award. 

The competition was established in 2008 and aims to encourage Czech businesswomen. It enables women to be appreciated as personalities and highlights important projects or innovations in various fields introduced to the Czech or European markets by Czech companies led by women. Furthermore, it strives to highlight and spread women’s achievements in business reached while respecting the unwritten moral standards in business. 

Members of the 2010 competition jury (in alphabetical order):

RNDr. Alena Bartoňová  
Executive and Director of GrECo International, s.r.o. and Top-Pojištění.cz 
Eliška Haškova 
Coolidge Coolidge Consulting Services Director
Ing. Vladimír Dlouhý CSc. 
International Consultant of Goldman Sachs Bank
Ing. Pavel Finger, MBA  
Member of the CCB – Czech Credit Bureau Board
Vlastimil Harapes  
Ballet master, Honourable Chairman of the Czech Special Olympics, The Ballet director of the Slovak National Theatre
Peter Herbert   
The GE Money Bank, a.s. General Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors 
Helena Kohoutová  
Director and Executive of Agentura Helas s.r.o, Founder of the Cosmopolitan Executive Helas Ladies Club, Co-Founder of OCP 
Brian Lang   
General Director for MasterCard Czech Republic and Slovakia   
Prof. Ing. Michal Mejstřík, CSc. 
Director of the Institute of Economic Studies at Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University in Prague, and Chairman of the EEIP, a.s. Board of Directors
Ing. Hana Pavlištová 
Director of ČIA - ČESKÁ INFORMAČNÍ AGENTURA (The Czech Information Agency), Vice-President of the Czech & German Chamber of Commerce and Industry 
Jana Švenková   
Partner of Mazars Audit s.r.o, Co-Founder of the OCP competition
Ing. Barbora Tachecí  
Patron of the 3rd Year of the OCP competition, Presenter and Journalist
Ing. Zdeněk Tůma  
Governor of the Czech National Bank
MUDr. Karel Urban  
Co-owner of the private Esthé, a.s., Plastic Surgery Clinic, Head of the Department of Plastic Surgery at the Na Bulovce Faculty Hospital , Assistant Professor at the 1st Medical Faculty of Charles University in Prague.

For more information about the competition, go to  The 2010 CZECH BUSINESSWOMAN AWARD – OCP ceremony will be held on 3 November at the St. Jacob Minorite Monastery in Prague. 

Partners of the 3rd Czech Businesswoman Award – OCP are as follows: 
Agentura Helas – Founder
Mazars - Founder
CCB – Czech Credit Bureau – Expert guarantor
GE Money Bank – General Partner
Master Card – Lead Partner
GrECo International, consulting for Risk and Insurance, s.r.o. – Lead Partner
Esthé – Plastic Surgery Clinic – Partner
Nespresso – Partner
The Law Firm of Novický & Mejzlík – Partner
Turkish Airlines - Partner