Podnikatel.cz introduces Companies´ Economic Indicators database coming out from CRIBIS.cz

Shortly before the celebration of its first anniversary Podnikatel.cz business server introduces a new design. It has been modified according to the requirements of the target group represented mostly by small and medium enterpreneurs, but also administration and accountancy staff. The server has also extended the number of tutorials and added new useful databases. Thus, Podnikatel.cz vouches its position of comprehensive enterpreneurs´ information center.

Regarding the new databases, two of them have been added in frames of a new partnership collaboration and another two will be under the maintenence of the server. The readers can newly enjoy Companies´ Economic Indicators, Enquiries and Database of Managers. „Economic Indicators database comes out from our CRIBIS system that contents the important economic data and indicators about companies that are essential for the enterpreneurs in their commercial relations. And we are glad we can make them accessible exactly to the readers of Podnikatel.cz server“ said Pavel Finger, member of the board of CCB – Czech Credit Bureau, a.s. company.