New services enable municipalities to compare their budgets

​KOMPAS muni developed by CCB helps mayors to decrease bad economy risks. Today city mayors and economists can use a specific service for municipalities’ budget management. It is now possible to find out if, compared to other municipalities of similar size, indebtedness levels are high or within average . CCB – Czech Credit Bureau, after monitoring for several years indebtedness levels and the economy of municipalities, has now started to provide this type of information in the KOMPAS muni analysis.
​The KOMPAS muni analysis compares receipts and expenditures of the selected municipalities with other municipalities of similar size in the district, region or the whole Czech Republic, covering the past three years. This allows municipalities to find out if they are spending too much or too little for some budget items. Besides receipts and expenditures the analysis compares also the structure of the balance sheets or the pro capita indebtedness of the municipality.

Part of the analysis is also an independent evaluation of the municipality economy – iRating that so far had been offered by CCB separately. It is a ratio showing the creditors’ risk using a seven-level scale (A, B+,B, B-, C+, C, C-). Municipalities with ratings from A to C+ are considered trouble free or of  relatively low risk 
All data contained in the analysis comes from official sources of the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic. The price of the analysis for a municipality is less than 10 thousand koruna.