The health of Czech Hospitals

The aim of the “Hospitals in the Czech Republic” project is to create an ongoing comparative database of medical facilities covering four areas. For the third consecutive year, data concerning customer satisfaction in hospitals have been collected and evaluated, and this year an investigation of hospital staff satisfaction has been conducted for the first time. A study of internal process effectiveness has also been carried out (including, for example, information on treatment results), and the fourth area is the comparative analysis of the financial health of hospitals.

The results of this analysis, i.e. a comparison of the current financial situation and hospital management, have recently been published, this year for the first time, by the project organizers – the non-profit-making health organization HealthCare Institute (HCI) and its professional partner CCB – Czech Credit Bureau, a.s. (CCB).

The evaluated hospitals were divided into three categories, teaching hospitals (ÚZIS code 101, a total of 11 evaluated facilities), public hospitals (code 102, 58 evaluated facilities) and private hospitals (code 102, 42 evaluated facilities). In the group of teaching hospitals, the Teaching Hospital Motol in Prague was considered the best, in the group of public hospitals it was the Center of Cardiovascular and Transplant Surgery Brno, and in the group of private hospitals the best of those assessed was Kadaň Hospital, s.r.o.

Data for the evaluation of public hospitals (including teaching hospitals) were obtained from the Ministry of Finance information portal, and data for the assessment of private hospitals was taken from the business information portal, which primarily provides data from company financial statements. Private hospitals that did not publish these statements for 2007 before the end of August this year were excluded from the analysis. Furthermore, some hospitals in the region of Ústí nad Labem were not included in this year’s assessment, as in 2007 they went through the process of transforming into private hospitals and their annual financial results were therefore affected to a certain extent.

One of the factors that positively influences hospital management, and could therefore influence their evaluation, is the volume of operating subsidies. Therefore, a parameter reflecting the rate of dependence on subsidies was used in order to compensate for this fact.
Investment subsidies were not included in the evaluation process. However, in the future the organizers of the “Hospitals in the Czech Republic” project want to at least take this aspect into account.

For the calculation of the hospital evaluation score, the standard methodology used by CCB for calculating the rating of businesses and non-profit-making organizations was used. A limitation to the calculation was a lack of basic information that could influence it – for example, the number of beds, etc. This information was only provided by some bodies, and therefore it was not possible to include it in the calculation formula.

Benefits of financial assessment

The project authors see the benefits of the hospital evaluation from the perspective of their financial health, and that a positive result is “good news” not only for management and employees, but through publicity in the media, also for the public. The idea of the financial comparison is important and promising for the future, as it may lead to an overall improvement in the financial and medical environment of hospitals –increasing resources for development and improving the quality of the health services provided.

Within the evaluation process, a system of usable assessment criteria and standards will be created, which can be used for example, by health insurance companies in the purchase of high-quality medical services for their clients.

The order in the Teaching Hospital
category (code 101)

1. Teaching Hospital Motol Praha
2. General Teaching Hospital in Prague
3. Teaching Hospital with Health Center Ostrava
4. Teaching Hospital Hradec Králové
5. Teaching Hospital Plzeň

The order in the Public Hospital category –
(code 102)
1. Center of Cardiovascular and Transplantation Surgery Brno
2. Hospital Třinec
3. City Hospital in Litoměřice
4. Hospital Vyškov
5. Hospital Blansko

The order in the Private Hospital category –
(code 102)

1. Hospital Kadaň, s.r.o.
2. Hospital of Merciful Sisters of St. Karel Boromejský, Prague 
    (non-profit-making organization)
3. Hospital Strakonice, a.s.
4. City Hospital Městec Králové a.s.
5. Hospital Jindřichův Hradec, a.s.