CCB introduces new services. Credit Bureau Score allows estimation of banking clients’ default risk, Fraud Analyser helps combat credit fraud

CCB – Czech Credit Bureau, which organises the Czech Banking and Non-Banking credit bureaux, has introduced new services for the financial sector. Existing and potential clients took part in the Credit Bureau Users Day event. The launch of the Credit Bureau Score was announced for the improvement of credit risk management and the new Fraud Analyser solution was introduced for the prevention of fraud in the credit sector.
 “Our name is historically connected especially with the Banking and Non-Banking credit bureaux, but the fact is that we have also been devoted to many other activities over the last few years, such as analysis on municipalities, small and medium enterprises or housing cooperatives, or the provision of decision support tools”  said Petr Kučera, Executive Director of CCB – Czech Credit Bureau.

The Credit Bureau Score and Fraud Analyser are the newest products in our suite of services. 
The Credit Bureau Score is commonly used worldwide as an assessment tool for financial institutions to identify the probability of existing clients or credit applicants regularly repaying loans over the following 12 months. The system, developed on BRKI’s database, was completed at the beginning of this year.

“The Credit Bureau Score has to be perceived as an additional methodology which banks could use. Banks always consider many variables when deciding whether or not to grant a loan. The Credit Bureau Score is an additional tool the banks can consider,” explained Petr Kučera.

Fraud Analyser was also presented at the Credit Bureau Users Day – a product which helps verify identities and detect potential fraudsters by checking various public and data sharing systems.

90 experts from 39 financial institutions participated at the event. Besides the above mentioned services, other activities of the company where also presented during the day, for instance iRating or software for the credit management.