CRIF Academy

CRIF Academy is a comprehensive training program designed primarily for the users of the Banking and Non-Banking Client Information Register, the Register of Advisers Elixir and other business partners of CRIF - Czech Credit Bureau, as the content is focused on risk management, fraud prevention, external information sources, including credit registers, debt recovery and insolvency proceedings, legislation relevant to the issue.

Individual trainings can be used individually or can be combined into logical units to provide more comprehensive training in risk management, fraud prevention and credit registers. The basic range is for underwriters, verification departments, operational risk officers, fraud management, compliance, recovery services, back office, and so on.

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    PRAGUE, 21/11/2017

    GDPR and Credit Registers

    What obligations will the GDPR bring to operators and users of credit registers. You can find a summary of each topic below....

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    PRAGUE, 11/10/2017

    Training for Cribis Users

    The CRIBIS START Training is suitable for users who are beginning to work with the application and need to quickly and clearly...

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    PRAGUE, 10/10/2017

    Internal audit rules for control activities according to the CZSO

    The themes were very diverse and offered a holistic view of the topic of internal audit. Auditing standards were discussed....

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    PRAGUE, 19/09/2017

    Recovery in retail

    Half-day specialized seminar on recovery in retail. It focuses mainly on issues of collections.



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