iRating EN


Impartial view of business

evaluation according to financial and non-financial indicators
taking into account the area in which the company operates



A professional rating provides you with a valuable and objective understanding of your own business or that of your trading partners. Under the iRating brand, CRIF has developed rating models for various types of entities, customized especially for the banking and financial sectors. The method of calculation is selected to make sure that it complies with the requirements of BASEL II and subsequently BASEL III to the maximum extent.

The rating statistical and mathematical model is based on an evaluation of financial and non-financial parameters. Each model reflects the type of subject under evaluation (companies, municipalities, housing cooperatives, etc.). The line of business that companies are in is taken into account. The output is one of the 7 or 14 rating grades. The output from the iRating model also provides the assessment of strengths and weaknesses, the risk of insolvency, and some models now also provide the probability of bankruptcy or default.