PhyOn (Phygital Onboarding)

A platform designed for the unique and secure identification of new customers gained in an online mode.

It has been built on secure CRIF technologies and technologies of selected partners, while combining the verification of the digital identity and physical presence of a client. This approach can be termed in short as Phygital – a process that combines both the digital and physical worlds. The name of the platform PhyOn as a representative of “Phygital Onboarding” follows from the above logic

PhyOn allows the fast deployment of a new digital process as well as the optimisation of current processes. Clients can use a method employing the analysis of document ID (OCR, AntiFraud), complemented with the verification of physical presence using Face Biometrics techniques. Another option is the method of assumed identity, which is based on bank-identity or KYC services provided by individual banking institutions. The PhyOn platform also offers the support of digital onboarding methods, which is also relevant in other European regions and is ready for international deployment as well.  

Thanks to the modularity of its components and the possibility of being connected to a wide range of CRIF data services in the sphere of Business Information and AML, PhyOn is a suitable solution even in situations where the client needs to use remote authorised onboarding of its corporate customers.  

The PhyON platform including an IdentityHUB, created specifically for the Czech Republic and Slovakia, is in a test mode with demonstrations of the corresponding demo process. We expect it to be put into full production use at first customers’ in the second half of this year. Along with other partners, a pilot demo environment is already available for SME digital onboarding. In this sphere, we expect our customers to be able to utilise our own experience with the use of this type of services for services provided by us in retail.