Personal/Business Finance Management (PFM/BFM)

The offering of PFM/BFM solutions is intended for banks and financial institutions incl.  financial brokers or advisors who want to offer their customers an efficient, user-attractive and safe way to managing and analysing their finances with direct access to key data. End users of the PFM/BFM concept comprise individual consumers or entrepreneurs and firms from the SME segment that need to work actively with finances and manage and efficiently plan them.

A typical CRIF project involving PFM/BFM solutions is provided in a so-called “white label” mode, which allows not only final branding in the client’s colours but also narrower integration into services or solutions offered by the client as part of their customer portfolio. Typically, e.g. a customer portal or electronic banking may be extended by a PFM or BFM module and interconnected to targeted offers for users as part of their financial planning.