A service intended for companies that need to evaluate applicants for a financial service in the Scoring as a Service (SaS) mode for segments of customers with insufficient credit history or to improve the accuracy of traditional models combining internal and external data with data of credit registers that are available to their users, who are contributors at the same time.

The NEOS service also incorporates the actual data analysis of bank transactions including a number of KPI attributes for the evaluation and segmentation of individual applicants. It also contains scoring outputs with a high statistical predictive value as well as advanced categorisation of transactions for various segments of retail and corporate customers. In this sphere, special emphasis is placed on the specifics of the SME segment, where it is possible to digitise outputs in combination with NEOS similarly as in the case of retail customers, thereby streamlining the evaluation process further. NEOS makes successful use of verified artificial intelligence tools to improve outputs, especially in the categorisation of transactions.

In addition to analytical and statistical components, NEOS implementation projects may also include the provision of technical or process connectivity to individual banking PSD2 API interfaces. Thanks to an international overlap of CRIF’s offering and its own AISP licence with passporting into 31 European countries incl. the Czech Republic and Slovakia, NEOS enables its customers to have access to Czech and Slovak banking institutions as well as to hundreds of interfaces of most banks operating within the EU.

The experience from initial pilot projects in the other countries in which the CRIF Group operates indicate interesting possibilities for expanding the population for which a score can be determined, thereby securing new business opportunities as well.