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CRIF Digital Next

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CRIF Digital Next

An open platform, CRIF Digital Next, designed for efficient cooperation will facilitate mainly innovation processes. It allows speeding up digital transformation in companies across all sectors. Make use of the rapid development of information technology, the availability of structured data sources and opportunities provided by new legislation in order to streamline operating activities and find new trade channels.

Potential of open banking

CRIF holds a CRIF AISP licence that is valid in 31 countries. CRIF Digital Next enables you to use the opportunities offered by PSD2. Our solution will enable you to access, aggregate and classify accounts of most banks in the European Union.

Open collaboration 

CRIF Digital Next is a collaborative platform that will enable you to organise an open offer through an ecosystem of partners chosen by you as well as those integrated by CRIF.

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CRIF Digital Next Services


Get to know new customers by means of a service focusing on the remote identification of them with latest technology


Applications designed for efficient planning, personal and corporate finances, using them you can make comparisons across the market


You will check the financial health of your clients simply by combining external and internal data

Growth Engine

A platform for the sharing of information and experience of business partners, by means of which you will prepare offers of new services tailored to the customers’ requirements