Services for consumers

CRIF – Czech Credit Bureau operates the CRIF Client Centre for the benefit of the clients of the Client Information Bank and Non-Bank Register, the Register of Payment Information and the ELIXIR Register of Advisors. Each individual, entrepreneur and entity can request an extract from these registers. The Client Centre informs clients in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act and the Banking Act. Requests to correct untrue or inaccurate data in the registers can be filed through the Client Centre.

klientske centrum Client Centre

In the Client Centre of CRIF – Czech Credit Bureau, you can obtain extracts from the CIBR, CINBR, REPI and ELIXIR registers. You can also request a detailed extract from the Register of Executions for yourself or another individual or entity. You can also register on the portal and obtain all required documents online.

Client Centre

A web portal where you can register to obtain online versions of register extracts at a discounted price. You will also obtain an extract from the Register of Executions or activate a service based on the data of CIBR and CINBR. You can activate the Hlídám si, kolik mám or NetAgent services.