Companies and Entrepreneurs

Services for companies and entrepreneurs in the Cribis Application

All data of Czech businesses are interconnected with the data of Slovak businesses in a single location. The content and database functions can be configured individually when working with information. A wide range of data sources in one place, including non-public data on receivables from collection agencies and closed user groups. Continuous interactive work with relationship charts between businesses and individuals over time. The possibility to display negative information on businesses in the Czech Republic and Slovakia directly in relationship charts. Direct connection between the Cribis database and information from the Central Register of Executions and the Land Register. Flexible scope of monitoring of important information on corporations, individual entrepreneurs and natural persons with the possibility for clients to continuously add or remove entities and information to be monitored.

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The Cribis application is a unique tool that supports decision-making and enables the verification of existing clients and engaging new business contacts. The Flexi Report provides comprehensive business information on companies.

Business Information

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With the Cribis application and the BUSINESS AND OWNERSHIP RELATIONSHIP CHART, you can examine the current structure of companies and uncover commercial ties from the past.


Business Information

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The Cribis application offers the MONITORING of important events with respect to businesses and individuals. With our daily e-mail alerts, you can keep track of such events.

Business Information