CRIF is a global company that is constantly expanding. We provide information, technologies and services that are part of decision-making processes in banks, financial institutions, insurance companies, public administration and private companies.

A career at CRIF goes hand in hand with innovations, committed work and the ability to think out of the box.
Each member of the CRIF team can improve their abilities and develop their potential.
Regardless of their role in the team, each member contributes to the growth of the company by developing our products, solutions and services with a high added value.

Together we can achieve new, surprising results.

Our teams include professionals in the following areas:

  • information technologies
  • data and business analyses
  • business consultancy
  • line and project management
  • support functions (finance, human resources, administration)

Join our team and get:

  • Education (language courses – English, Italian, German) during working hours on the premises of the company, specialised training based on individual needs;
  • Financial benefits (extraordinary payments during an incapacity to work and caring for family members, a contribution to supplemental pension insurance, extraordinary meal allowance, 100% discount on selected company products);
  • Health and family support (a broad range of gift vouchers, accident insurance, life insurance, 25 days of holiday, seasonal fruits and vegetables from local farmers);
  • Supporting the team spirit (regular breakfast, volunteering, corporate events several times a year).

People Devolopment

CRIF utilises several tools that give employees the opportunity to enhance their potential.

Performance Management

The performance management process at CRIF is based on two approaches:

  • Quantitative:Rewards based on results
  • Qualitative:Without limitations, based on behaviour, 360° feedback

People Model

The CRIF People Model briefly describes key information on each role in the company (mission, job content, competence, expertise, career path)


CRIF supports initiatives that contribute to the development of the global culture by increasing the opportunities to exchange and share knowledge across team members from various countries:

People Satisfaction

CRIF regularly organizes an employee satisfaction survey as a tool to measure the health of the organisation. 

People Engagement

CRIF takes into account the level of customer involvement and engagement because these factors are crucial for maintaining motivation, which contributes to the success of the local company and the whole organisation.