to assess the creditworthiness of clients

we help clients with credit risk management
we verify the ability of clients to repay their liabilities


Globally, credit bureaus are a standard tool to assess the solvency and risks of default on credit products for individuals as well as entities that use banking and non-banking financial institutions. The registers include positive and negative information on the solvency, creditworthiness and payment discipline of clients (not only information about defaults on credit or other products) so users can have objective and full information about the applicant and facilitate procedures in the case of good credit history.

Together with CRIF, its parent company, CRIF – Czech Credit Bureau organises and provides services to the two most important private credit bureaus in the Czech Republic – Client Information Bank Register (CIBR) and Client Information Non-Bank Register (CINBR). Furthermore, it operates the ELIXIR Register of Advisors and processes its data. The latest register is the REPI Register of Payment Information. Extracts from registers are provided to the public through the Client Centre.