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CRIF – Czech Credit Bureau is a long-time partner of Czech banks, leasing companies and insurance companies that provides access to information on the financial situation of individuals and companies and goes beyond what standard databases offer. It offers to financial institutions information about the identity of individuals and their credit ranking, which facilitates the development of decision models.

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CRIF serves commercial banks. Through the Client Information Bank Register, it collects information on individuals and monitors in particular their credit history. These services are useful in particular to sales and risk management departments. The company continuously develops new solutions in connection with ever-tightening regulatory requirements, thus making it possible for banks to focus on their business.

icon building orange Leasing and hire-purchase companies

CRIF – Czech Credit Bureau is a technical partner of the Client Information Non-Bank Register (CINBR). Leasing and hire-purchase companies also require the mutual exchange of information on the creditworthiness, solvency and payment discipline of clients.

icon-small-19-hover.png Credit Navigator

Credit Navigator is an application that allows all standard types of queries in the Client Information Bank and Non-Bank Registers. For communication with users and administrators, CreditNavigator employs a universal interface that supports the use of a thin client. Users connect to CreditNavigator and work with the application using the Internet iExplorer 7.0 and later.

icon-small-19-hover.png Financial Stress Index

A scoring model created by CRIF specifically for the Czech market as a new effective risk management tool. In a single number, FSI analyses and summarises information on financial distress signals from recent (up to 6 months) client credit performance obtained from the CIBR and CINBR registers. The score expresses the likelihood that the client will become a bad debtor in a contract arranged during the following 12 months.

icon-small-19-hover.png Perform

A score that CRIF created specifically for the Czech market as a useful risk management tool. It is based on all credit information kept in the CIBR and CINBR databases. It evaluates information in register extracts that are used by most Czech banks and financial institutions. It is a reliable decision-making tool for credit provision, client portfolio management, including credit limit management, collection, and last but not least for the compliance with Basel II requirements.

icon-small-19-hover.png Portfolio Lab

Portfolio Lab services are provided to banks via the PLAB system. It processes the data on clients to the extent corresponding to the structure of register extracts according to the contractual provisions. The Portfolio Lab information system allows banks to submit queries regarding bank clients and provide aggregated or partial client information so banks can systematically assess the risk of their client's portfolio or track dynamic changes.

icon-small-19-hover.png Trendview

Trendview provides to register members regular benchmarking reports with information on credit market trends based on the data from the Client Information Bank Register. Each financial institution can obtain a set of reports that compare its performance with average market performance in selected parameters.

icon-small-19-hover.png Query Maker

A tool that allows separate use of bulk queries in CIBR and CINBR. It facilitates bulk update and verification queries with respect to selected clients. As an input, it uses a text file in the required format. The output can be a bulk xml file or individual xml reports.

icon-small-19-hover.png CLever

CLever streamlines the management of debt collection in banks and financial institutions through structurally defined tasks, assignment and methods. Constant collection and monitoring play a role, which allows for a significant focus on the process and its automation.

icon-small-19-hover.png CreditFlow

CreditFlow is a product that can be connected to decision support systems, internal and external data sources and the assignment of activities to various roles in the organisation (company). CreditFlow thus offers the right solution for a more efficient and modern solution to all credit approval processes.

icon-small-19-hover.png StrategyOne

StrategyOne is a modern, comprehensive solution to identify target groups, build customer loyalty and thus increase the turnover and profit of your institution. It relies on a combination of control and regulatory aspects, including the implementation of algorithms for the calculation and estimation of risks.