CRIF group

Company history

CRIF is a global company specialising in the development and management of credit bureau services and business information systems and credit solutions. It was founded in Bologna, Italy, in 1988. CRIF operates in Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia.

1988 CRIF was founded in Bologna, Italy.
1997 CRIF Decision Solutions Ltd. was established in the UK to provide financial analysis, reporting and monitoring services, and anti-fraud solutions for UK insurance companies.
1999 CRIF Decision Solutions Ltd. expansion in the UK due to the acquisition of Qui Credit Assessment Ltd.CRIF NORTH AMERICA Corp. was established in Tampa, Florida, USA. With CRIBIS Corp. based in Tampa (Florida, USA), CRIF develops and distributes online decision support systems on an international scale, for the strategic management of credit and marketing activities, and for access to information on companies, sectors and markets in 230 countries.

2001 The strategic alliance with the American company TRANSUNION, a leader on the NAFTA market, gave rise to two companies that specialize in providing custom and model-based business solutions in Mexico (TRANS UNION CRIF DECISION SOLUTIONS S.A. de C.V.) and in Central and South America and Canada (TRANSUNION CRIF DECISION SOLUTIONS LLC).

CRIF acquired 100% of the shares in CCB – Czech Credit Bureau (now CRIF – Czech Credit Bureau) and later also SCB – Slovak Credit Bureau (now CRIF – Slovak Credit Bureau). These companies ran the credit bureaus in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and were involved in expanding to the Russian market. CRIF co-founded the National Bureau of Credit Histories (NBCH) with the National Banking Association (ARB) and some of Russia’s main banks.


CRIF acquired INFIN, which provides business information services, analysis and consultancy on companies and public entities in the Slovak Republic.


InfoData (founded in 1990 as a Department of the Polish Chamber of Commerce) became part of the CRIF Group. CRIF Sp. Z.o.o was acquired. It offers added-value business information services in Poland, providing high quality data and updated credit reports on Polish and worldwide companies, as well as analytics, consulting, outsourcing and software solutions. OOO CRIF was established in Russia to provide a range of services including consultancy, analysis, outsourcing, software and debt collection solutions.


INFIN merged with SCB – the Slovak Credit Bureau (CRIF – Slovak Credit Bureau). CRIF strengthened its activities on the American continent through CRIF Corp., based in Tampa, Magnum, based in Atlanta, and CRIF S.A. de C.V., based in Mexico City. These companies offer decision-making support and software solutions to financial institutions, service providers and companies. In July 2008, CRIF acquired Teres Solutions, a company based in Texas (USA). Teres Solutions develops advanced solutions for direct and indirect lending. These solutions represent the reference standard on the financial services market.


CRIF reinforced its presence in the business information sector by acquiring Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) Italy. The creation of CRIBIS D&B provides clients and the market with increasingly detailed information, as well as with the skills and experience of D&B, one of the main business information operators in the world. CRIF and HUAXIA International Credit Group established a new joint company, HuaxiaCRIF China, to offer consumer credit risk consultancy and information services to the Chinese market. CRIF continued its expansion in the United States by acquiring FLS services (based in Dallas, Texas), and Aimbridge Indirect Lending LLC and Member Lending Acceptance LLC (based in Denver, Colorado), companies specialized in indirect and direct lending solutions.

CRIF Zrt., the newly formed CRIF Group company based in Budapest (Hungary), obtained a license from PSZAF, the Hungarian Financial Supervisory Authority, to establish the first entirely private and voluntary credit bureau in Hungary, which includes both positive and negative information on individuals and businesses.


CRIF acquired APPRO Systems from Equifax. APPRO Systems is a leading provider of loan origination and account opening solutions for financial institutions in the U.S. During 2010, CRIF entered into a partnership with High Mark Credit in India, and in Vietnam, PCB chose CRIF as a partner to develop the first world class credit bureau in the country. According to the strategic partnership agreement in Vietnam, CRIF is now PCB’s major shareholder.


In the U.S., CRIF acquired Cypress Software Systems, a company providing an array of software and services to help financial institutions automate their loan application, underwriting and decision-making processes. In China, CRIF established CRIF Beijing to provide credit risk management solutions to Chinese retail banks, consumers and auto finance companies. CRIF acquired Deltavista’s operations in Switzerland and Austria. Deltavista is one of the leading credit bureaus and risk management providers in German-speaking Europe.


CRIF NM, a joint venture between CRIF and Neal & Massy, obtained a license to establish a world class credit bureau and provide added-value services to Jamaica and the Caribbean. CRIF opened a new office in Jakarta, Indonesia, as part of its expansion strategy in the Asia-Pacific region. Acquisition of Dun & Bradstreet Turkey, Finar and Kompass Turkey.


CRIF opened new offices in Hong Kong and the Philippines to solidify its position in the Asia-Pacific region.


CRIF expanded its activities in Turkey by acquiring a majority stake in Recom, the market leader in debt collection. CRIF acquired OFWI – Teledata from Axon Active Holding AG, consolidating its leading position in the Swiss credit information industry. CRIF became the majority shareholder in High Mark Credit Information Services, a market leader in credit information in India. High Mark manages the database of microloans, consumer loans and loans for microbusinesses, small and medium-sized businesses. CRIF acquired Dun & Bradstreet UAE in Dubai, the leading data and business information provider in the United Arab Emirates.


CRIF acquired a 30% stake in Nomisma. Nomisma is an independent Italian company engaged in economic research and consulting for businesses, associations and public administration on both the national and international level.


CRIF acquired the German company Bürgel, previously a joint-venture of Euler Hermes, the global leader in credit insurance, and of EOS, an international provider of financial services. ​Through its acquisition of Deltavista, a leading credit bureau and risk management service provider, CRIF strengthened its business activities in Germany and Poland. CRIF also acquired the Russian Microfinance Technologies Center (MTC), an important and growing player in credit risk rating for the microloan industry. CRIF took over CCIS-China Credit Information Service, a leading credit information agency in Taiwan.


In 2017, CRIF strengthened its position and acquired a 100% ownership of CRIF NM Credit Assure Ltd. in Jamaica. With its services focused on a comprehensive solution to credit risks, the company supports in particular financial institutions and loan providers in particular.

CRIF was acquired in Russia by Luxbase LLC, which provides software to banks, microfinance services, and debt service companies.

CRIF is also expanding in the Far East when it acquired 100% of PT VISI in Indonesia. This company specializes in the provision of business information services and offers consultancy services, software and innovative credit management solutions through two start-up companies in Singapore and Malaysia.


CRIF acquired Vision-Net, a leading provider of business information in Ireland.


CRIF acquires majority stake in Inventia - the digital identification software company
Using Inventia's technology, CRIF has strengthened its ‘Omnichannel Smart Onboarding’ platform for credit processes, enriching it with components that increase the user experience in the 'Phygital' interaction with the end customer.

CRIF becomes the first Open Banking AISP to be registered in more than 20 European countries
Thanks to the acquisition of Credit Data Research Realtime Holdings Ltd. through its fully owned company CRIF Buergel, CRIF can now offer Open Banking services to enable the exchange of retail credit payment data between consumers/companies and organizations, and improve transparency in dealing with business partners and customers.

CRIF acquires BizInsights, a world-leading business information provider operating in Singapore
The new company, CRIF BizInsights, will be able to provide Singaporean and global companies and professionals with business information and detailed analyses, empowering their credit risk management, allowing them to easily monitor competitors and suppliers, boosting their customer targeting activities, and meeting due diligence and compliance requirements.

CRIF completes its coverage as an AISP through the registration of CRIF RealTime Ireland
The authorization issued to CRIF RealTime Ireland extends CRIF’s area of operation as an AISP to all the 31 countries where the revised Payment Services Directive is applicable.