Financial Advisors Reporting
Financial Advisors Reporting

Companies offering financial consulting have been steadily increasing the quality of their services, championing openness and transparency, and actively self-regulating. The professionalism of financial advisors is an important element of responsible operations in this market. ELIXIR, a register of advisors, is an efficient tool that improves the reputation of the industry and contributes to the active development of a professional profile of advisors.

ELIXIR is an easy-to-use database of the professional history of financial advisors, brokers, agents and other intermediaries engaged in financial consulting in the Czech market. It represents an objective tool that shows the outstanding liabilities of advisors, and also offers an efficient way to manage human resources, particularly in companies that offer financial consulting and brokerage services. It minimizes the scope for unethical or illegal behaviour on the part of financial advisors.

All financial advisors whose data are available in the Register can obtain a copy of their extract from the Register Information Centre.


The Register is operated and the data processed by the CRIF - Czech Credit Bureau, which also operates the Banking and Non-Banking Client Information Register.

The founding members of the Register are Broker Consulting, a.s., Broker Expert, a.s., INSIA a.s., and Partners Financial Services, a.s. Its operation is also actively supported by the professional associations AČPM, AFIZ and USF.

Companies interested in membership or in further information on the activities of ELIXIR can contact the Register consultants.


ELIXIR is a clear and comprehensive database of professionals that facilitate the distribution of banking, financial, and insurance products to the general public. This register of financial advisors increases market transparency, creating professional standards, and enhancing the public perception of the financial advisor profession.