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A founder of the banking and non-banking Credit Registers in the Czech Republic. A reputable company delivering solutions for credit risk management, operating tools for rating / scoring evaluations of various subjects and providing information on business subjects.
Our sole shareholder is CRIF S.p.A. More information on our products and services can be found not only on, but also at the address of our office.

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CRIF – Czech Credit Bureau
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Scoring - Planning and development

​CRIF develops prescreening models (start-up and custom) which, on the basis of purchase likelihood and the default risk.
Cribis Mobile


Cribis Mobile
PRAGUE, 09/09/2015
​According to data provided by the Banking and Non-banking Client Information Registers, the population´s debt reached CZK 1.7 trillion as of June 30, 2015. Of this, long-term loans represent CZK 1.4 trillion, out of which mortgage loans reached CZK 1.1 trillion, while short-term loans amount to CZK 365.4 billion.

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